Experienced Consultants to solve your problems.


Project Match

Our state-of-the-art project match platform allows you to search through our database of projects that put the right consultants on the right projects to ensure success. Our automatic, intuitive system also emails you when there is a project or consultant that fits what you are looking for.

High End Consulting

As we are an exclusive platform that provides high-end consulting service, our consultants receive excellent rates starting at $250/hr. and above. Our consultants are outstanding individuals with records of academic, commercial and management success. Our clients value the experience, expertise, and perspectives our consultants bring to them.


Collaboration is key to the success of any project and when working in a virtual environment, communication gap and technological gap can create more hassle than needed. Therefore, we’ve built a platform that allows you to not only find the right consultant and client but also allows you to chat via our easy Messaging app to ensure nothing is missed.

As Consultant

Our consultants database is a pool of carefully selected experts with rich experience who are not only leaders in their field but also creative solution thinkers who will help your project become a success.

Project Management

Effective, seamless and efficient. Our platform allows you to manage your entire project from conception to completion with just a few mouse clicks.


We’ve created a simple way of generating invoice and payment transactions which allows consultant and clients to easily and securely send invoices and make payments without ever having to leave our platform. All worked hours and status of payments can also be tracked within Wisdomstars.


We function at a very low commission level which allows us to give our consultants access to the best projects and ensure clients get the maximum productivity at extremely reasonable pricing.

As Client

Our clients are verified companies, think tanks, start-ups, academic institutes and multinational organizations that are looking to solve exciting problems.

What is WisdomStars?

WisdomStars–University & College Professors & Former Executives Consulting is a platform to bring together highly knowledgeable and experienced global pool of college and university professors and Former Executives to consult with
  • business establishments,
  • local, state and federal governments and
  • charitable organizations.

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